1. Liquid Snake
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Toss a coin to your Witcher
The monster hunter
Gerald of Rivia
Jot the Iliad
While I spot the true beast without it's physical form
Separation the mightiest mind altering war tactic
I close my eyes to dream but also to find the visual
My sword jaded infinity stains with metaphysical blood
Can't touch it unless your weapon is drawn
The battle of another person's mind
Lost in the storm
Confederate flags
Carrying guns to shoot a virus
Enticing violence
We taste pepper spray for black lives hit
The war of attrition since the beginning of time
Entitlement breeds Supremacy
And conquest alike
Better to be Warrior in a Garden
Than a Gardener lost in a War
Praying that our training takes form
That's what you learn for
Steal sharpens steal
And knowledge the Vice Versa
Read to Breed your mental into a surplus
I saw the meek shall inherit the earth once

A Solid mass
My minds a machine
My metal gears
Spot the liquid snake in the grass