1. Dragons

From the recording Vagabond

Produced by J-Wizdum


I see the branches of life
I studied pathways
Adapt and you choose
Blindfolded and true 
A visual learner 
When the roads close
What are your alternate routes?
Embrace victory as
Assurance why you do what you do 
Digging to discover hidden lessons every time that you lose
Time is a jewel
Whether it shines or not is mostly on you
I felt the energy from the Heavens
And put it into my records 
To inspire other people 
Who think of me as a legend 
I've been underachieving since my graduation 
But another
Way to look at it
Maybe this is where we stop comparing ourselves to others
Different paths
for every woman and man
What was she showing you?
When you spoke to the universe 
So colloquial
Every page that I've read
Embedded within my brain
Turn a page
Apply to life
While guiding you through terrain
Paper cuts on my fingertips
A sloppy workspace 
Disobeying my Feng Shui 
What the meaning is?

Always in the pursuit of 
Wisdom literature 
Regardless of belief 
I don't argue behind the keys
I'd rather place a hammock between two trees
And catch the breeze
If you wasting energy 
I don't intervene
Who living clean?
You putting 180's in the universe
My virtue 
Watch you get surprised by balance 
When karma finishes up the circle
Had the necessary training 
But swore that I'd never hurt you
Can't master the energy of my enemy 
Til' I learn you
Every warrior masculine 
The boys and the girls 
But the feminine is what makes you a watershed to the world...
Not to be confused with sympothy
For an entity 
But Understanding in your heart
What ties together the symphony
Identifying what a Journey to the west is
The best leaders are the one's people barely know exist
Before you exit
Non-Action the greatest action
If you wondering 
A master not by conquering 
But becoming...

The Dragon's story
Only Compassion born through freedom from moral categories
The Allegory 
I heard 
Many know the way
But few walk it
That's why you walking away
My heart race
Watching leaves change right after August 
I always Learn from Nature and not a building or a office 
She's never in a hurry
Everything is accomplished 
You could see the wind bending the trees
Not like don't move
But moving in peace
Existing alone 
Same way an athlete 
May enter the zone 
Only maintaining that essence 
Until the day that you gone
If you give evil not a thing to oppose
It'll disappear by itself 
On the loneliest road
I see no enemies 
All streams flow to the sea because it's lower than them 
Yet truly the one in power
The greatest ability
Be Water
We're chasing the meaning 
Do for others And your present for all beings